I bring my formal education as a professional translator and as an international crime and justice specialist to every assignment.

As an undergraduate student of translation, I acquired subject-matter knowledge and skills in:

  • Practical translation (including review and proofreading) skills from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, Italian to English, and English to Italian

  • Theory of translation

  • Professional skills for court interpretation and medical translation

  • Theory of linguistics

  • Advanced studies in Anglophone, Hispanic, and Italian cultures and literature

  • Advanced reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English, Spanish, and Italian

As a graduate student of international crime and justice, I acquired subject-matter knowledge and skills in:

  • Interdisciplinary theoretical approach (drawing on criminal justice studies, criminology, international relations, economics, law, anthropology, history, etc.) to understanding crime abroad, transnational crime, and international crime

  • Practical understanding of the legal mechanisms available to prevent and combat crime; the organizations and fields of study attempting to understand and combat crime; and the populations that are most vulnerable to crime, all in an international context

  • Comparative understanding of foreign legal traditions and criminal justice systems

  • Understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies used in the social sciences

  • Practical application of all of the above to understanding specific: transnational crimes, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, cybercrime, and corruption; and international crimes, such as genocide and crimes against humanity

Do your translation justice.

I will personally review your Spanish- or Italian-language documents so that we can discuss language solutions.